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Need to know what info is needed from work to save on bill

  • 10 November 2014
  • 4 replies

I was told that I can save 25% on my bill because of my place of employment, but I'm not sure what I need to give Koodo in order to get that. Would anyone know?

4 replies

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Most often then not, your management team or human resources would have a contact person or group who would send that information on your behalf. Otherwise, calling *611 will get you to the experts who may know of the process specific to your program or employer. Some groups have email addresses you're supposed to send a form into that you would obtain from your human resources department.
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You should probably talk to your IT or Cell phone guys at your company, if its from your company then *611 won't able to help much
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If you're at Loblaws/Superstore/Zehrs etc. you need to speak with Mobile Shop staff and they can send out the form for you. If your store doesn't have one, I can see if I can get it to you since I used to work for them. As for Wal Mart, the Wal Mart electronics or mobile staff should be able to get that for you.
Hi,You will need a Employee Purchase Plan:Enrloment Form signed by your Department Manager ,You can get one of these forms from yr phone people in the connection center.