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Need help setting up MMS on a Nokia Asha 302

Does anyone know how to set up MMS messaging on a Nokia Asha 302? I managed to get the Internet is working over the data connection but can't seem to get the MMS to work (incoming or outgoing). Anyone have any tips?

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Look under text m3ssaging settings for mms configurations. Configuring unlocked feature phones is always a bit hit and miss since the required settings are usually distributed between 3 or 4 different menus.
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I had trouble logging back in so forgive my photo answer but..

I followed your instructions to the letter and it still doesn't work 😞 That was my issue before as well. I had tried all those in even before but I thought I was doing something wrong. I checked the SIM card in a different phone and it works so it's definitely the phone setup. The WIFI is not on either. I'm running out of ideas.