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Need advice on a complicated upgrade/trade in!Help!

So I started a contract with Koodo using a bring your own device about 1 month and a bit ago because I had just turned 18 and couldn't afford a down payment on a new phone. Well this phone is an iPhone 5C and is starting to really act up. I was just wondering if a trade in or "upgrade" is possible at this point with handing over my old device? In the 3rd owner of this phone and it's only an 8GB and with schooling I have a lot of photos and applications and this phone does not have the capacity to handle it all. And I really need to upgrade to at least a 16gb... Just wondering if they'd take this phone against the face value to the new phone or do I have to save up that hundred and some on top of the phone bill? TIA.

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Hi Kayla,

You are better off selling the phone yourself on a site like Kijiji. You will need to pay the needed amount upfront for the phone when needed. However, since you just turned 18 and your credit history is quite minimal at best, you might not be able to use a very large tab, where you may need to pay more upfront. 

If paying large amounts is not an option for you, take a look at the Moto X Play, Samsung S5 Neo, or the Samsung A5. 

Let us know if you have any other questions.
They wont give you much for your phone, like pennies on the dollar. As mentioned you can try to sell it yourself and use that money towards a new phone.
Also you can transfer/backup/store/cloud a lot of your photos then take them off your phone so you free up space.