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Need a phone but don't have the right piece of ID

I am having difficulty finding suitable ID and really need a phone. I have no drivers license, no credit card, and no Ontario ID. I do have a SIN card, picture health card, a passport (although it expired 2 years ago), a birth certificate, and a piece of government issued mail to confirm my name and address. Is there any way I can get a cell phone and plan with these pieces of identification?

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I think an expired password would still be accepted, Thaspatch. What I'd do is bring all those pieces with you and I can't imagine they'd refuse you a plan 🙂 Unless the credit check comes back negative but that is rare 🙂
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Nope, any IDs can't be expired or else they won't be accepted. You're very close. If it was still valid then the rep could use it. Your best bet is to get your province's photo ID card, as it basically acts as a driver's license and works for that form of ID check aside from not allowing you to drive.