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My son lost his phone. What do i do now

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That's very unfortunate. First thing is to immediately log into Self Serve, report the phone lost/stolen, and suspend the account. Then start looking for a suitable replacement. He can either take an old phone you have lying around (that's unlocked or locked to Telus/Koodo) or you can start looking into buying a new one. Make sure you unsuspend the account before trying to use his SIM card again. Let us know if you need some suggestions.
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Hi Mary, 1) Try calling it, perhaps someone will answer or you will hear it ring 2) Did you have find my iPhone or Android Device Manager enabled? If so, you can use that to track the phone's location 3) If you still can't find it, report it as lost/stolen. This will disable all network connectivity to it, so if you do this you will no longer be able to call it or track it. 4) At this point, decide if you will be replacing the phone or not. If you do not have any intention on replacing it, cancel the phone so that you will no longer have an increasing bill, since you still have to pay for your phone if it's reported lost/stolen.