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my samsung s2x is not connecting to wifi

i restartd my phone/ factory reset done everything still not connecting to wifi internet please suggest wht should i do wifi is connected to ipad.laptop everything but on cellphone its not connecting some times it shows autenticated but not connected

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Hi SuniL, I had the same problem, and what did the trick for me was reset the router! Did you try that yet? (I know it's a longshot, but sometimes solutions lie in small corners) Worth a try!
cheers SuniL and Sophia - have a galaxy sII the issue I am having is somewhat similar to yours SuniL, although the device indicates "connected to wifi network" here at home, although the internet regardless of what I try as an address shows "webpage not available" be it, koodo, youtube, google nothing works started having this issue yesterday and have tried to troubleshoot this so many times I forget that I have already tried it-did try your suggestion Sophia sad to report it didn't work----not sure what to do???? Have a feeling it is something easy although my mind can not think of it....any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated cheers and have a great day chicklette