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My plan does not include call display or text messaging, how do I change it?

my plan does not currently have call display or message centre . I was at Best Buy, and I understand my plan does now have those options included. Please activate for my phone / account. I understand this will not change my monthly cost.

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Hi Richard, unfortunately none of us here can change your plan for you - but the good news is you can change your plan at any time yourself in self-service! Just visit http://koodomobile.com/selfserve and pick the plan you want 🙂
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When you do the change, make sure you look at what your current plan has as well as the equivilent plan that was suggested. There could be no difference in price, but the features may be different, aside from call display and voicemail. Once the plan is changed, you will not be able to get the old plan back if it is no longer available. Looking at your bill, can you tell us the exact name of your current plan before you change?
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at the very least, your plan would change from per second billing to per minute billing.