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My phone has no dial tone. As soon as I start to dial, "send message" appears on the screen, but the call will not go through.

My Contacts numbers do work. Did I accidentally change something in my Settings?

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Did you bring an unlocked phone to koodo? If so check out this link http://mobilemasters.koodomobile.com/the-comprehensive-guide-for-bringing-your-unlocked-device-to-koodo/ Also is it for all calls or only certain contacts?
Hi Daniel, I have been with Koodo for 5 years and have never changed phones. My Contact numbers will dial through, but nothing else. Meeting/Silent Mode is off, Airplane mode is also off.
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Hi Elisa, What device do you have? Have you tried doing a complete power off/on?
Hi Peter, I have a Samsung flip phone. I just took the battery out but still no luck.
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This is a tough one. Off hand, I really can't think of why this is happening other than some kind of hardware/software failure... but it's really weird that you're still able to call your contacts! If you have access to another phone, maybe try contact Koodo and see if they can further help you troubleshoot or you can also go to a Koodo store and ask them to take a look. You can reach Customer Service at 1-866-99-KOODO (1-866-995-6636) or 647-788-4337. Hours of Operation Monday − Friday: 10am - 9pm Saturday: 9am - 7pm Sunday: 9am - 7pm Sorry I couldn't be more helpful on this one 😞
That's okay, I really appreciate your efforts. Thank-you!
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Hi Elisa, Without knowing the specific model number of your Samsung flip phone, it's difficult to troubleshoot. The model number information is usually located on a label under the battery or on the original carton the phone came in. The model number will look something like this: Samsung SCH-U410. If it is the above model number, you could try factory resetting your phone. See the instructions below. (Click on image to enlarge). This process will wipe your phone and restore it to factory default settings, but it will not erase your contacts. Any settings that may have been inadvertently set will be reset.