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My phone calling people on its own?

I have had at least 3 different numbers/people call and say they were returning a call made from my number when I never called them. There's no way someone used my phone without me knowing because I literally ALWAYS have my phone with me. It's not an app because I have a flip phone. I don't understand this.

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It's not your phone. This has happened to people around the world. Unscrupulous elements mask their numbers as yours and use the calling mechanism for something I haven't figured out yet. I know it's a pain in the arse but if it keeps happening maybe a number change is in order.
Someone might be using your number to call other people. It is called Caller ID spoofing, and there is no way to prevent someone from spoofing your Caller ID.
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Ya, unfortunately more and more people seem to be spoofing the numbers and there isn't much you can do about it. Its not something any carrier can stop since its not their system that's doing it. Its probably the same as im sure you've received, a call from "WestJet" or "Airmiles" or "You won a cruise". Most of them are scams, and if you look at the numbers when you get the call, its usually a number very similar to your own.