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My order status say review

I order monday now it’s friday and it’s still reviewing. When I order it said 3-5 days shipping for iphone 12  there was no delay. when i contact them they just said your order is still on hold you will received an email once the item is ship to you.

Is that normal?

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It is like 3 to 5 business days to shipping.

So, technically Monday will be 5th day…

Hopefully, they can update you by Monday.

BTW, did they say why your order is still on hold  when you talk to a rep?  Because if their inventory or verify your account?

No they said 



We hope that you are doing well!


We verified the order and for the moment it is still on hold. We assure you that in the moment the order is approved, you will get a message from us.


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Koodo Webstore Team

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@anick What’s your order number?

@Bernard Koodo HFO30445528

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@anick It appears you cancelled your order yesterday.  Are you planning on ordering another phone? Or visit some stores to see what stock they have?