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My Number Was Used

  • 8 April 2021
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Hello, a person recently called from my own city and asked if I just called him having to do with credit card selling, getting his information, etc.  I told him he dialed wrong and he denied.  (One can just redial what called you.) Tell me how this can be possible please?  My phone number is ported with Koodo.

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It's called caller ID spoofing.


What is Caller ID spoofing?

Your caller identification (Caller ID) display normally indicates the phone number and name associated with the line used to call you. There are, however, legitimate purposes for altering the Caller ID information provided when placing a call. For example, a call centre that places legitimate calls on behalf of multiple clients may alter the Caller ID information to accurately display their client’s name and telephone number, or a doctor calling to discuss a patient’s lab results may want the hospital’s general call back number to be displayed in the Caller ID in order to direct all future inquiries appropriately.

Unfortunately, illegitimate telemarketers may change the information that appears on the Caller ID display (a practice known as Caller ID spoofing) to misrepresent themselves and to trick Canadians into answering the call. For example:

  • The Caller ID may be altered to match the first 6-digits of your telephone number so that it looks like a local call, perhaps from a neighbour in your area, also known as ‘neighbouring.’
  • The Caller ID may display your own telephone number, also known as ‘mirroring.’
  • The Caller ID may display the number of another individual and/or organization (i.e., pose as a recognizable brand).
  • The Caller ID may be altered to represent a number that cannot be dialed within the telephone network (e.g. 123-456-7890, 999-999-9999, etc.)