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My mother and I are on the same account, but I want to pay my bill seperately online. How can I do this?

How do I pay the bill for only one phone number from an account with multiple phones?

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As long as you both have access to self serve you can. Your bill is split by number, so when you the invoice is ready just go online and pay your share. Then your mother pays her share. It's that simple.
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The only thing you will have to do, is change the amount each one's pay on this page :

Log into selfserve and go to billing, e-bill click on the blling month the whole bill will come up on the left side of the page it will show you each bill click on the one you want to pay,it will show amount owing .
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Just keep in mind that even if you only pay your phone, the rest of the amount still needs to be paid on time. With both numbers on the same account, if one person misses payments, both number are affected.