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my credit is ruined if you don't take this mistake from my name.

hello. my name is andrew mcnulty. i just received a letter from Howard L. Waldman. this note stated that i owe you a sum of $580.23. the problem is that i never owned or received a cell phone. there has to be someone else using my name and old address. thank you and contact me soon to get this mistake of my credit bill.

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Well, you see, it takes more than a name & address to activate an account. It takes photo ID & government ID for a credit check.
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That's unfortunate news. I had the same issue happen to me 2 years ago for a Bell account I never opened. What you'll have to do is call Koodo (since we can't access the account here) and explain this to them so they can take the appropriate steps to fix it. Then I recommend you get your credit report from Equifax and talk to their identity theft department so they can fix the mistake.
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Does the note happen to give the account number? Usually accounts can't be pulled up by just the name.
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I did a quick search online and the name Howard L. Waldman doesnt really provide any clear answers, but this may be a scam. However, I would still do what Jonathan mentioned above just to be sure
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1. Pull out a credit report. - Once you have you will notice the name of the company who has sent your name to that collections agency. 2. Howard L. Waldman is not a collection agency that koodo has alliances with. - Most likely, koodo isn't affecting your credit. 3. Contact Koodo at Toll-free: 1-866-995-6636. I am sure Koodo will find any records under your name. If any mistake is found. Koodo is always straight and transparent. Customer service will make things right for you. How bad to hear you are having problems with that, but I sure you will get it fix.