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my building's door buzzer system does not go to koodo... i have an iphone 4....how do i fix the problem?

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Could it be that your Koodo number is not in the local calling area of the entrance system? Many of these have long distance calls blocked. I am 99% certain that it's not a Koodo problem, but I know from past experience setting up these entrance systems can be complicated and not at all intuitive.

Check with building's management to see if the right number has been enterered. There is usually an independent land-line phone extension that can manually dial you: get the superintendent to call you on your Koodo line and listen for an error message on the landline.

No I have no landline. The phone number is in the local calling area, but it's a new exchange, so that may be the problem. 
Any other ideas?

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My building gives me the option of using a landline phone to open the front door, despite me not having landline service. Is this a possibility for you?
I did check that but nay... thanks.

Well dang. I need to admit to "Foolish Old Woman Syndrome".... when I moved to this building a month ago, I gave my phone number. 
The next day, at at Koodo's kiosk, I learned that not all numbers in an area code are local and that the one I'd been assigned was not. I switched & instantly forget it (FOWS)... 
The door buzzer didn't ring to phone b/c the wrong number was programmed in.

Thanks to both who tried to help....

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Lynn Davis wrote:

Well dang. I need to admit to "Foolish Old Woman Syndrome".... when I moved to this building a mo...

It happens to us all, regardless of age. I'm happy you were able to find resolution.
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Haha that's funny! At least you got your problem solved!