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my boyfriend and I want to swap phones. are we able to do that? Both are with Koodo

My boyfriend and I want to swap phones.  Both are with Koodo.  One is a LG G4 and the other is a LG G5.  Are we able to do that? If so, will just switching the SIM cards do the trick?

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Yes. If the SIM cards are not the same size, you will need new SIM cards ($10+ tax each), or an adapter for one and cutting down for the other.
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As a word of caution. If you have to cut your SIM card you must be very careful, you can damage it very easily or cut wrong size. You will have to by a new one for $10+tax. Some phone repair shops have special cutters but it could cost $5 or more.
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The G4 uses Micro SIM, G5 uses Nano SIM so you will have to use one of the suggestions mentioned above.