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Multiple accounts open, with only one phone being used.... HELP ! -_-

Hi guys, so i have a bit of an issue here. so there is 2 different accounts ill be talking about so they'll be A) and 😎. okay so, account A) was my first account, it started out under my mothers name. When i turned 18, i had it transferred into my name. Robin..... this being account 😎. .... however, the issue is, account A) was never closed all my information (phone number, name, address, credit) was transferred to account 😎. . When i try to create a new account on the koodo website for self serve so i can access my billing and information, it says i cant because that email address is already in use. now when i sign into the online koodo account for account A) all the information is still there in my mothers name (same phone number and everything, however that is not the account number i make payments to) i have here a paper stating my new account number with the same number as before. anyway my point is, how do i close account A) on the online koodo self serve, so i can create a new one for my new account 😎 so all my information is up to date and accurate. sorry if this is confusing, trying to explain this in person without a pen and paper to draw it out is kinda hard. 😑

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If you go into your original account A, you can combine 2 self-serve accounts so they use the same information to log in. Add the info for account B in there, and you should be good to go for accessing your information. Alternatively, you can also go into "Profile" on your original account and change the email address to a different one and have your current email open for the new account. Hope this helps!
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Customer service can also detach your email address from the original account.