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Multimedia is Full - Can't send text message to email.

My phone says the multimedia is full. I can't send text messages to email..have checked everywhere and emptied everything possible, but still says full...what am I missing?

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What kind of phone do you have?
Just says Samsung. Has a small screen with the numbers below it and a flip out keyboard.
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Does it have any green colouring on it anywhere?
This is what it looks like.

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That looks like the Samsung Slyde, which is a CDMA phone. Try clearing your text messages then send one.
Already did that. I can send text messages no problem to other phones..it's only now when I try to send it to my email (which I have been doing for months), the Multimedia message pops up.
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Yeah, this is the first time it's happened...not really sure what's going on. I will read through the manual to see if I can try anything else. Thanks!