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mugged. stolen phone. 7$insurance . three day old phone.

hello, last night, i got mugged on the road by two people. it was very traumatising,...never gone through something like this. It was just a 3 day old phone. i got insurance for the 7$ thing. its an lg g3. i m a student here...working part time. will koodo replace the phone since i paid premium? cant afford to buy a new phone sadly. any tips would be helpful. yes .i made a police report. the phone is on tab. not cc purchased. thank you. be safe.

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Hi Sriiram, I'm very sorry to hear this happened to you. Unfortunately, the extended warranty only covers manufacturing defects affecting your phone for up to 2 years and also provides protection for up to two incidents of accidental damage. The extended warranty does not cover loss or theft. http://extendedwarranty.koodomobile.com/en-ca/
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You need to file a police report (I assume you did). And lost items are claimed against your home/renters insurance. Or if you bought the phone outright, your credit card may have a loss assurance program