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Moving to koodo

I have a cell phone with Koodo and I have another cell phone with Bell. I would like to move the one with Bell to Koodo, and how can I do this?
Also, is there activation fee and/or fee for sim card? My phone with Bell is unlocked already.

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There's no Activation fee but you'll probably need to pay for a SIM card. They are only 5$ so not a huge fee.

Keep your bell service active. Porting over will cancel your bell service. Bell will bill you according to their cancellation policy and your contract.
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To expand on that, to port, go to a Koodo station and they will do the porting. Just tell them you'd like to switch to Koodo. They will take care of it. You don't even need to talk to Bell. Koodo will do all that for you. I've done porting a few times. Super easy.