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Moving coverage zones

I am moving from Windsor Ontario to Toronto Ontario. I need to get a new phone company because I want to switch from Telus. Is it better to get a phone number from Toronto, or can I get a phone and plan here in Windsor and just use it in Toronto without getting hit with long distance charges?

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Koodo is canada wide mins so it doesnt matter. However if others calling you live in TO but have a Windsor number they may be charged long distance depending on their plan. I would just ask for a Toronto number when you get the phone (in TO or Windsor)
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If you are going to be in Toronto most of the time, then their is no real sense in keeping the Windsor number other than not having to give out a new number to all your friends. With Koodo, it is canada wide therefor at your end their will be no difference. I've had an Ottawa number for two years while in the GTA for a few months at a time and there is no difference at all. It will all depend on who's calling you!