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Moved to data plan, can't send long SMS (MMS).

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I was on an obsolete plan with an old cell phone (Samsung u410, no data). I went to a Koodo kiosk, bought a Moto G, and switched to the $35/month plan (minimal data). I have not yet activated the SIM on the Moto G. The Samsung U410 still works, but when I tried to send an SMS message exceeding 140 characters (might have been just under 160), it repeatedly failed. When I editted away some text until it was well under 140, it succeeded to transmit. My understanding is that the Koodo system converts overlength SMS to MMS. Why would I no longer be able to transmit this?

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I don't think so. mms refers to multimedia messages (photos and vids). There is a limit to characters you can send in one sms however. On your phone it might be 140. On mine it's 160. However if you do need to send mms, you can't just have data on your plan. You need to enable the data as well just make sure to set background apps to wifi only if you don't want them to hog all your data.
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I'm pretty sure either the phone or Koodo packages it as MMS. The symbol is that of a strip of film, so it signifies some kind of media beyond text. And I was able to send it without a data plan before. I was also able to attach photographs to messages and send it to email addresses without a data plan. I'm just wondering what has changed to prevent me from sending long text messages when I could do so before.
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Any newer phones that use the HSPA network require data to be turned on to send/receive MMS. The plan change you did triggered the permission codes on your account to go from the ones required for MMS on a CDMA phone to 3G data access, which is why anything involving "data" is not working anymore on your U410.
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Aww. Fiddlesticks. No one mentioned this before. One image can chew up most of the data quota for the minimal data plan.
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andymhancock wrote:

Aww. Fiddlesticks. No one mentioned this before. One image can chew up most of the data quota ...

The data used to send an MMS message is not chargeable and won't be deducted from your monthly data allotment. Your plan includes unlimited text and picture messaging. Other applications may request data (app updates, location-based services, etc.) while data is enabled. There is the option to restrict background data on your Moto G, or you can set apps to update over Wi-Fi only. To restrict background data go to: Settings > Data usage - tap the three little squares (menu) that appear above the Mobile data toggle switch and select restrict background data. To set apps to update over Wi-Fi only, tap the Playstore app/icon on your phone, select Settings, then select Auto-update apps, select Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only. Done.
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OK, thanks. That's better than charging for what I used to get as part of the baseline cost (though I might have been charged marginally, don't recall). It's still a tiny bit of a bummer because I'm not yet ready to activate the Moto G, but nothing compared to what you hear in word news these days.