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Moved my landline number to Koodo mobile but weird behaviour

I just got rid of my landline and ported that  number to my Koodo mobile, replacing my current Koodo phone number. So now I can dial out or text using my cell and the person on the other end correctly sees my former landline number appear. However, when they try to text or call me back, it goes to my landline which is a problem.
Wassup with that?

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Hey Tim - it looks like the port was just initiated yesterday and may not be fully completed. I see a note on your account from an agent who is monitoring this with a planned follow-up tomorrow. In the meantime, have you tried rebooting your phone and also removing and reinserting your SIM? Sometimes something as simple as that can help.
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Looks like the Port is not fully complete yet.  When did you pot over?  I would give it up to 24 hours to complete.  if the issue persists then an technical issue with the port occured and you will need to contact Koodo to to have them look into the port
Ranjan - Yes indeed it was just ported yesterday. I did power down, remove the SIM card and then 15 minutes put it back in and powered up the phone. This did indeed change everything over to the correct phone number. I can call out from my cell using the requested number and it is correctly displayed on the receiving end. If they try to call me back on my cell I still receive the call on my landline, from which I can still call bizarrely.

Dennis - You are correct, I'm in contact with Cogeco to see what's happening at their end too.

I still find it bizarre that I can call from two different phone services (different companies, land and mobile) and it displays the same number at the other end. Hopefully I will soon pick up my landline phone and not hear a dialtone anymore.

I had a follow up from Cogeco and the following is what I got: "Cogeco did receive the request for the phone number port but we have yet to receive official confirmation by Koodo (they have till tomorrow) this is normal process as it may take up to three days to complete a number port".

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TimA wrote:

I had a follow up from Cogeco and the following is what I got: "Cogeco did receive the request fo...

That's exactly right, we ported from Telus to Koodo wireless home phone and got a message after 3 days that the port was going to be complete the next morning. It was really difficult (nerve wracking) to wait those three days but all went well - I'm sure yours will too :)
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I know people who have ported landline numbers from Bell and Rogers (local landline providers where I live) to a few different providers (Koodo, Virgin, Fido) and it can take up to 3-5 business days)