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More warning texts available to customers

I would like to see Koodo send more warning texts before its too late. For example I was in the process of moving and my data was getting used alot more on my phone. Received one text saying you've used $10 in data. No big deal. Next message I received was you've almost used $50 in data!!! Where was the warning messages when I hit $20 or $30 extra. Not impressed

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That's a bummer 😞 To be fair though Sarah, you should get an app for checking your  data usage such as 3g watchdog and set data caps within the app so it can notify you when to stop using data.

EDIT: didn't see this was an IDEA, sorry Sarah!
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They must have listened to you Sarah. They now have a $25 text. Got one the other day. So we will get $10, $25, $50 etc.