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Koodo should offer more android cell phones example... MOTOROLA, LG and SONY.

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While more choice is always good, for the most part Koodo only gets phones that it's parent company (Telus) gets. Recently Telus has only had one Sony phone (I believe ever), and one Motorola phone, but both have been discontinued for months, if not a year. LG on the other hand Telus tends to get somewhat often, but again not too many. You may be more lucky there as the only phone I can remember that Koodo got and Telus didnt was an entry level LG Android still offered by Koodo.
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To add to Jorden's point you can get almost any phone you want, you just have to buy it from somewhere else. Online or from other cell companies. Unlock it, put a koodo sim in and you are done. Koodo will even give you 10% off your rate if you bring your own phone and have no tab left.