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Missing calls

Hello. I am experiencing some troubles with Koodo. Sometimes when I try to call my wife the call goes right to the voicemail. And she is not receiving call at this time. Is it something with our phones or it is kinda regular thing on Koodo? Thank you in advance.

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Which phone? There have been some issues lately involving LTE phones intermittently not receiving calls/texts. The phones seem to start working again after an outbound call. If this is what is happening, disabling LTE may prevent the issue from happening until a permanent fix can be implemented.
actually both are without LTE.
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Are you the only person not able to reach your wife? If so, it could be that your number was accidentally added to her phone's call reject list. What phone does she have?
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Hey KeshaKG Has you’re wife called tech support? If not, I would suggest that she does by dialing 1-866-995-6636 #6 from a landline and they’ll be able to help her out ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
I have the same issue. My so has tried to call me at least 28 separate occasions that we counted that my pgone went straight to voicemail. Called in and even though Iv heard lte network has been having issues however noone at koodoo woukd agree. In fact every person I spoke wirh refused to help me and toldnme to take my pgone in for repair. The very first time I noticed rhisbhappened was withing the first 30days so I could have gotten a new phone. Intead koodoo insists I allow theyb to reset the connecrion because there's no way to know for sure unless they try. So now for my three month old phone I need repairs?!?! Its done this since I first got it. I am seriously contemplating switching if I don't get some compensation as well as an explanation soon. My phone is my sole line as well as a business line. This has costed me money I don't even know about!!! There must be some sort of actualy reason sooo many customers are having issues.
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Hi, Christal. I noticed you are adding your question o the "old answered" topics. If you create your own question, you will get more answers. And It will help if you tell us what kind of phone do you have. Make sure that your phone is not set for "do not disturb" mode.