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Middle-of-the-night phone messages from Koodo!

  • 1 March 2014
  • 7 replies

Here's a question I wasn't able to get an answer for (after searching this site and speaking with a Koodo representative). Koodo sends me, as it should, reminders, such as "Koodo: Just a heads up, your base plan will renew tomorrow. The amount will be deducted from your account balance." But I get them in the middle of the night. The last time was two nights ago at about 1AM. The other message (about voice mail) gets to me at about 4AM. Any way of changing that?

7 replies

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I don't think you can change the time when those types of messages are sent. It is not unreasonable to have them sent only during waking hours. I suggest you submit this as an idea.
Tx quasarito. I could turn my phone off every time I go to bed, but that would be defeating the purpose of having a cell (i.e. emergencies). Or kill the message chime. What I wonder about is if any one else gets these messages at night time, and what they do about it. How do I go about 'submitting this idea' - sorry, am new at this.
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I don't think Koodo (or any companies) send messages to customer middle of the night. It could be delay of receiving messages. I don't have a experience of getting those messages from Koodo at middle of the night, but receiving delayed messages happened once in a while.
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Hi Paul, Sorry you are getting those midnight texts. I have a solution for you. If you own an Samsung Android or an iPhone, you can actually set "Blocking Mode" to on, you will set a specific time where notifications will not play. Best part is that if you are expecting a call from a family or friend, you can actually make exclusions so only their call can go through and no one else.
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I think this is only happenning if you are prepaid customer. Possibly because they maybe using a different platform for prepaid than monthly customers. That said if they can limit timing of these messages for one they should be able to it for the others as well. I bet they are just not aware of it. Post it as an idea.
Tx Erwin But I only have a lowly LG A341 flip phone. Mayumi, how can I find out if it's a 'delayed' message? Anyhow, if no one else is having their cell waking them up at night, perhaps best is to overlook this issue! I'll figure out a way around it eventually.
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Tx Erwin But I only have a lowly LG A341 flip phone. Mayumi, how can I find out if it's a 'del...I received a txt from my kid that said " I'm on my way(home)" way after he got home.