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message won't send! Samsung Galaxy S2

I have one message I need to forward or email, it has an attachment, a 20 sec video. I can't get it to go to another contact. When I get to the forwarding screen nothing shows up in the message box and the send button is not available for use. Anyone out there able to help?

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Do you have data enabled? You will need it on since you're sending a video attachment. Just make sure none of your apps use your data in the background while it is enabled.
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I have an s2 and they seem to be bad for this, all the champions here say how it should work but dont own an s2. Not sure what we can do, buy a different phone which sucks
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There are many third party messaging apps out there available to try if the stock messaging app doesn't appeal to you. I've used GO SMS Pro exclusively and without issue on my S2x.