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Message manager codes

Anyone know all the codes for the message manager? 1 is to play; 7 delete etc .Is there a code to skip the phone number of the person leaving the message. I tried 3 but that isn't it.

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sometimes you press *
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Here is a map of the new system commands I think you can turn it off by going into personal options (4) then playback preference (2). Not sure if there's a way to skip it. http://help.koodomobile.com/voicemail/Koodos-New-Voicemail-System/How-do-I-check-my-voicemail-2
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From the Main Menu - press 4 for Personal Options. To modify Personal Preferences - press 4. To change playback preferences - press 2. To disable playing of the Caller ID before your messages - press 2. To disable playing of the date and time for messages - press 3. (Option 8 allows you to bypass password entry making access to VM messages that much quicker - use this feature at your own discretion).