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Marvin, from customer service, you rock!

  • 23 September 2014
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As a Mobile Master, I rarely have to call Koodo's customer service. However, it does happen sometimes that there are some hiccups and you can't do it from your end. In these cases, I usually dread calling into customer service (any of them, not pointing out Koodo's) because what we usually get is infuriating runarounds, we've all been there. Then there was Marvin. I don't know what call centre he's working from, but he did an AMAZING job! Basically, I was porting a friend's number over from Solo Mobile to Koodo prepaid. Long story short, details were missing so Solo held onto the number and said friend couldn't use his phone as intended. Not only did Marvin correctly understand what the problem was, he also did NOT make me go through the stupid things we usually painfully have to. He arranged for the LNP dept to make things right by confirming info from the losing carrier, and about 30 minutes later, the confirmation SMS appeared on my friend's phone. Needless to say, it now works like it should! I dreaded calling in the first place, but Marvin made me change my mind 🙂 So, kudos to you Marvin for being professional, helpful, truthful about calling back (he actually did!) and otherwise just awesome to deal with!

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