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Make it very clear about acceptable credit cards on payment screen.

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Post acceptable forms of credit cards on the credit card payment screen as well as a tick box which must be checked acknowledging that the user isn't paying with a prepaid visa.gift card. When a customer clicks on make a payment they are presented with the standard list of credit cards. No where on that screen does it mention that visa.gift cards are not acceptable. And while they will likely not be successful in making a payment this way, the fact is Koodo still attempts to debit the card. This creates a pending transaction which puts funds on hold until the pending authorization expires. Frustrating for those who didn't read the FAQ about acceptable payments. I propose a simple empty check box with the words: [ ] I am not using a visa.gift card for this payment [i] More Info If the user doesn't check the box, the user is reminded that the box must be checked to complete the payment

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Excellent idea, especially since prepaid.gift cards are frequently advertised on being able to be used almost anywhere regular credit cards are accepted.
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Great idea that will save customers, time, worry and ill feeling, during wait time, for funds to be credited back to the card.
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But visa.gift cards are accepted as a payment. I used one.