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Major problem

My Samsung Galaxy SII X tries to load when I press the power button but stops and the screen goes black and it is also pulsing continuously. Removed the battery and tried to turn on again but it keeps doing the same thing.

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Oi. It might be time to replace it. I had a customer come in with the same phone, same issue, and I couldn't even get to the recovery menu to try a factory reset.
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We had a similar problem here in the community. The user fiddled with the power button (it was stuck) and boom all good.
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If the phone still doesn't work after a factory reset and you decide to change your phone, you should take a look at the moto g. Honestly it is quite good especially for the price.
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How long have you had this phone? Does it still have a warranty? If it still doesn't work after suggestions above. You can bring your phone to the nearest Koodo kiosk, and ask them if they can repair under warranty before you replace it.