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  • 26 August 2021
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Hi I recently switched to Koodo. My city is Ajax and no where do I get LTE, only 3G even though your map shows I am in a LTE area. I also drove to Markham and still no LTE. I am only able to access 3G. 
I am on an iPhone 8. 

Currently, I’ve flown to Nanaimo Bc for work and I have LTE here??! So I know I can get on the network but just not in my home area … 

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4 replies

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Ajax and Markham is covered with LTE 



When you get back can you check that others around you who are with telus or koodo can access LTE as well?

Maybe a local tower is down? 

Thanks. Yea when I checked coverage it shows LTE in both markham and Ajax! Which is why it was fairly frustrating. How can I check with Koodo/Telus customers?

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I suggest you reset network settings of the phone. Normally that would resolve any issue with network settings. Also, how about other people around you? Did 3G show upindoor or outdoor? 

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Just ask friends/family /neighbours if they are with telus/koodo and their connection status. It would be the simplest way. Otherwise I would check at a kiosl and ask them