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loyalty to customers and customer satisfaction

competition is the most important thing now a days....what happened to the reason why your competing??? My idea is that Koodo should bring their customer service back to where it was when they first came out... and think of what makes us happy not only what brings you a dollar. Make a talk/data plan....make the plans for pay and talk a little more comparable to the tab...I was with one company on pay and talk for 5 years and they called switched me to month to month I did I was happy and than I went on a contract.....it starts small but once you earn peoples trust it nothing but good comments and good outcomes. and now a days it all about data and maybe free incoming. UNLIMITED DATA/INCOMING FOR PAY AS YOU GO 40.00 NEW CUSTOMERS FOR 30 DAYS , AS LONGS AS YOU HAVE MIN 10 BALANCE AND TOP UP 30 DAYS  AND UNLIMITED DATA/ INCOMING WITH FREE EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS FOR TAB.

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