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Love the feed back system

always nice to see a company have this type of online forum...userfriendly...however i dont agree with takin peoples ideas and giving them a pat on the back for it when normally you would have to pay for somone to come up with this...squeezing the most from the least...sooner or later theres nuthin left to squeeze

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This is why they put a contest for that! This is why you see so many new ideas lately! Usually it's not that busy.
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@ Trevor If you look at ideas submitted most people want more stuff for less. A natural consumer response regardless of what product or service any company sells. We all want more for less. 🙂 However, if I owned koodo those ideas are not something I would see a lot of value in. I certainly wouldn't pay for them. 🙂 Telling me to reduce what I charge for my services to get more business is certainly not unique ideas. Looking at my kids' curriculum they teach that in Grade seven now. 🙂 And it has little long term benefit as something the benefits any company's bottom line in the long term. Matching a competitor's price (same product or service) is a very easy move, so the advantage has little long lasting effect. The differentiation has to be something else, other than just price or the product. All cellphone companies carry pretty much the same phones. There has to be something else that makes separates them for the rest. Now, there are some really good ideas as well and I'm dying to see which one will win the main prize!