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Lost SIM chip

HELP ?! I removed my prepaid CAN. sim chip from phone, to use a u.s sim chip while in the u.s, and lost my Canadian sim chip HELP!? I need my old Canadian #, on a new Canadian sim chip?

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No worries, Barry 😃 No harm done, though you will need to buy a new SIM card ($20 from the Koodo store). Then all you need to is activate it on your prepaid account in self service, insert the SIM in your phone and you'll be good to go again! Nothing lost, no boosters, no number, nothing 🙂
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If you lost your sim card you'd have to purchase another prepaid sim at $20. You'll have to activate the sim through self serve or call in to Koodo to request this.
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To activate the newly purchased SIM Card in self serve just log in to your self serve account and click MOBILE PHONE, Then click on SWAP MOBILE PHONE, Then check off NEW SIM CARD IN MY CURRENT PHONE and press START CHANGE. Then type in the # on the New SIM Card you purchased and submit. *Wait 15 minutes then put the newly activated SIM Card into your phone and turn on the device and away you go.