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lost phone, trying to use old sim and old phone. says invalid sim number

  • 12 November 2014
  • 4 replies

i lost my phone and now i was to activate a different sim card on a different phone witht he same number but it says my sim card number is invalid. do i have to register it or something? my lost phone didnt have a sim but this one does

4 replies

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Did you activate the SIM card in question??
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Hi Adric, What is the error message you get when trying to activate your new sim card? If you can provide those details we may be able to figure out a solution for you. If the sim card is already activated then simply pop it into your new phone and it should start working.
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If the activation system says Invalid SIM, then it's already be activated. Either plug it into your phone and it works, or its an old SIM that's been programmed and deactivated on another account. In which case its garbage and you need a new one.
I have had the same problem as Adric. Here is exactly the problem:
Plugged current SIM card into a different phone. Works perfectly. Want to register the change of phone on the Koodo website. Go to "Upgrade phone". In order to do this, the Koodo website asks for the "new" SIM card number, but the SIM card isn't changing, just the phone. Enter the current SIM card number and the website delivers an error message saying that the SIM number is already in use.