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Lost phone and need to set up new sim on old phone

  • 1 September 2020
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I can’t reach anyone from Koodo for the life of me, I was in a bad accident and currently hospitalized and my phone was lost in the accident. I have to use another phone with another provider to make any calls. I found the only way I can attempt to call Koodo for help to hopefully activate a spare sim I have with my old phone is to schedule a callback, as there’s a bs recording talking about their bot who helps 80% of their customers before the call cuts without reaching real help. I don’t know if my wife is able to activate a phone under my name and number on my behalf at a Koodo location either, but I’m assuming I need to be present. My issue with being in the hospital is that I’ve already missed 2 callbacks(under borrowed phone number) and I’ve been either out from meds or busy having a procedure etc, I don’t have a set schedule with my current condition. I’d really like access to my own phone number during this stressful time and the community forum is the only resort I can think of.


 Please helps,



2 replies

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You can send a private message to Koodo via Facebook messenger or dm via Twitter to see what can be done. You then at least don't have to depend on being ready at the right time.

Sounds like that’s likely my most favourable bet, I recall being promptly helped long ago the same way.