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Looking to buy a phone as a gift for my mom

Hey Koodo team!

My mom has an account with you guys and she recently lost her phone and has suspended her service. I want to buy her a new phone online and I just want to make sure I go about this the right way. I'm assuming I can just order a phone and then she can just take it in store and have it set up with you guys on her account? Would she have to change service plans?

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Hello Brandon,

No she would not have to set up a new plan, you can just order a new phone + SIM card and then you don't even need to present yourself to the store anymore. Just switch the SIM card on self serve.
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I believed once she suspended the service, the old SIM is disabled, she would just need a new SIM through selfserve or koodo store and switch it online.

For the phone, if she need a new one with Koodo with "Tab" she will have to go to selfserve or store, she will have to pay the tab balance of the "lost phone" (if any) before getting a new one. The other way is finding a phone that works on koodo network and use it with the new SIM.
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@ Brandon, what phone were you thinking? If your Mom first initial is 'L' looks like she had an android phone before. Here is one of the most popular android phones we are selling right now:


If you want to order one for here that's no problem, although you'd have to pay the full retail price up front. Once you get it swapping the phones is easy, if she wants some extra help she can certainly seek out assistance in our Koodo stores.