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long distance text charges

I see posts everywhere about long-distance [b]calls, but nothing about long-distance [b]texts. I have the $5 unlimited texting add-on with the old $20 plan that gets me 50 unlimited Canada-wide minutes and no data. I have some friends in the US - if I were to text them from anywhere in Canada, would I (or they) be charged anything additional?

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Oops I misread your question entirely, sorry I'll let someone else answer 🙂
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No. You would not be charged for sending texts from Canada to anyone worldwide, nor would they be charged for receiving them. Depending on their plan, however, there may be a charge for them to reply.
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I'm pretty sure Timo is correct, I don't recall Koodo charging for international texting before, and that $5 add-on is going waaay back to around Q2 2012 when I first started at Mobile Shop... Crazy how time flies.
Thank you Timo & Jonathan 🙂

Also, yep, I got my phone in 2012! Been a while, but it does the job.