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long distance regions

Looking to switch phone companies from bell to koodoo.. Just wondering how do I know what regions koodoo considers longdistance from where I am. I ask because on my current plan on bell,calling from Richmond hill to newmarket is not longdistance on my cell phone but on the landline (also bell) it is.. how does that make sense? Just want to ensure that if I do switch, calling the numbers I normally do wont be charged as longdistance, and would just come out of my anytime minutes

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Nvm.. just saw the canada is all local post..
Right when koodo says Canada wide that's what it means no long distance or roaming anywhere in Canada. You can be anywhere in Canada and call anywhere in Canada and no long distance charges just make sure you don't go over airtime because that is different the LD charges. If your on any of the unlimited plans then no worries! No tricks like some other companies 🙂