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Local major retailers don't carry prepaid SIMS

  • 6 June 2015
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Local Walmart where I have purchased my last 2 Koodo phones don't carry Koodo prepaid SIMS. Not listed at Best Buy/Future Shop as well. Walmart guy said that his dept has been subcontracted out to independent supplier in QC. He has never received an explanation why SIMS not available but the rest of the line is. Now I have to do a 100 km round trip to a boutique because no longer available on line for shipment. Try calling the boutique to make sure they at least have one, and all you get is an answering machine and a promise to call you back within one business day. At least employee in Sherbrooke, QC called back within a few hours on a weekday when the store could not have possibly be swamped. Not impressed.

Best answer by Hellothere 6 June 2015, 00:55

eBay.ca - also cheaper than what Koodo sells them for.
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eBay.ca - also cheaper than what Koodo sells them for.