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Hi, im a new koodo customer and well so far I like my plan & my phone (GS5). As for my idea, it would be another initiative for more new customers to join/sign up with this company would be by associating some type of membership to the actual contract. And what would this membership offer? I was thinking that it perhaps offer some type of discount on a variety of stores. Such as movies, clothes, food, opus(bus-train) and so on. (maybe some type of survey would help determine the preferred stores of the koodo customers) I believe that this idea may convince more people stay or join this company. Thank for your time!

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Would be pretty cool if Koodo has deals with other stores/company and it may persuade people to choose Koodo over other companies.
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Reginald This sounds like the Virgin Mobile marketing plan
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Mike Sheehan wrote:

Reginald This sounds like the Virgin Mobile marketing plan

Not always a bad thing though, give someone an incentive to join by getting a discount or a coupon in the mail or to your email each month, that would be really nice to see become available to Koodo in my opinion. Gets my vote! 🙂