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  • 26 August 2020
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Why does koodo no longer care for customers? I stopped receiving paper bills and I understand but then they stop sending me text as well and now i want to speak with a koodo rep but they no longer take phone calls. There online services are garbage and the steps i had to take just to post this shit up for you people to see, makes no sense. I want a call from koodo head office today. If i don't, I will proceed to not pay any more bills. I don't care of you send me to collections either. Nothing will be payed for until I receive a call from a koodo rep.


Thing is I believe they won't even see this either. Most likely wasted my time and if i did. Someone please tell me so i can throw away my sim card and get a new one with a different provider. 

1 reply

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@Daniel818  Ouch….that hurts! Given this is a public forum there is limited details we can share with your regarding your account. What we do see is that your self serve account is not set up. The email address you used here is not the one associated with your account.  We still send SMS for lots of notifications.  As well as emails.  

We also take calls for things that cannot be solved online.  Our Koodo Assist can answer a lot of questions, if it can’t, it  will schedule a callback for you (during reg business hrs) without the need to stay on hold.

Pls send us a direct message of Facebook where we can authenticate your account and provide additional details to questions you may have.