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LG Optimus Black Data Problems

I just upgraded my LG Optimus Black to the new version of Android. All seemed to work fine, but that was while hooked up to my home network. When I left home I realized that my data connection was not working. I checked out the connections, and selected the Koodo SP which got my mail to work, and the facebook app works as well. The problem is I cannot connect to anything through the browser. I simply get an error. There are a couple of other apps as well that will not connect (one from the weather network for example). Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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Hi there... Make sure the APN settings are correct... http://koodomobile.com/en/ab/non-koodo-phone-data-setup.shtml
I checked all of them over. It seems all the settings are correct. I still have the same problem.
Solved it. I decided that even though all the entries looked correct, I would delete the current settings and re-enter them. Once I did that everything seemed to work just fine. Thanks for the help.