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LG G3 - nano NFC SIM card and Suretap (and UGO and CIBC and....) compatibility all over the place

OK... so, Suretap says that LG (Optimus) G3 is compatible with NFC SIM card and service

Koodo's own webpage is mum on the subject (a link to a page that doesn't exist)

Ugo Wallet... No LG G3 via Koodo but the older G2 is compatible....??

Oh, and CIBC's NFC app IS LG G3 compatible with Koodo's service.....

What is Koodo doing to make the LG G3 compatible with the SIM NFC mobile wallet system across a broad range of services... Annoyed that parent company Telus supports LG G3 as do pretty much all the other carriers so.... Again, what and when are you going to sort your willy nilly approach to mobile payments? You've got to do better... I mean supporting the G2 on some services and crippling the G3?

Oddly enough I was able to enroll in Suretap with confirmation of a successful setup. Pairing with the prepaid Peoples Trust Co. (approved prepaid virtual credit card) has just been a headache. Problem is, where is the problem?

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Don't know where you're looking but here's the Koodo page on mobile payments: https://www.koodomobile.com/mobilepayments

An Official Rep. posted an incorrect URL (in thread https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/koodo_and_nfc_enabled_sim_cards). Thanks for the heads up! Doesn't help with the conflicting information on compatibility. Suretap says yes and Koodo has no app compatibility matrix to say yes or no.... and if no than why?