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Let's bring an end to DATA DISCRIMINATION! :)

Uncompromising flexibility and the fact that Koodo caters to the "budget-conscious" cellphone user are two of the main reasons that I have chosen this wireless service provider as my own.
Personally, I have virtually no use for data on my cellphone.  Most often I can wait until I have Wi-Fi access to surf the Internet or check my email.  Of course, not everyone shares this viewpoint, experience, and priority. 
However, unless a customer deliberately chooses to "lock" all data on the Koodo network/system it is possible to inadvertently incur data charges - even when no data has either been purchased or included in your plan.
Although data can also be locked on the phone itself, this is not a foolproof approach, especially if others (e.g., children or other novices) must occasionally be given access to your phone.  So, I have opted to have Koodo "lock" my data.  This measure gives me peace of mind and is cost-effective.

Once data is "locked" on the Koodo system, however, it is categorically impossible to send or receive pictures via text messaging. Yet, this capability is included in the text messaging feature for those with data plans - at no extra cost or chargeable consumption of data (as long as the resolution of the pictures is not too high).
So, I would like to see Koodo fine-tune their network and/or software so that it is possible to send and receive pictures (while in Canada) via text messaging, even when data has been "locked" at their end.
Let's bring an end to "data discrimination" once and for all!  🙂

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That's true when i had my phone with telus they used to allow picture texting without a data plan but you incurred a web use charge. The plans shouldn't be promoted as allowing unlimited messaging (text and picture) unless it can actually be done without using data.