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Lack of Customer Service

  • 7 December 2019
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I have no idea why customer service is so hard to come by these days.  After an hour of trying to get this new Virtual Rep to answer questions (which it can answer ‘almost anything’) i opted to get a call back, I had to schedule a call back roughly 18 hours after my initial call to the ‘Customer service’ *611.  When I called the *611 initially, I pressed Zero to speak with a Rep, the only option it gave me was this virtual rep to answer simple questions or request a call back, then hung up!  After reading on this koodo website I found out I may be charged $10 just to talk to a rep after waiting the 18 hours to ask my one question.  This is unacceptable.  I feel as though I should be billing you for the 18 hour wait!  However there is no way for one to do this as there is no E-mail address available anymore with koodo.  So, I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this… I call the customer service number, talk to a robot who tells me the only option is to text another robot that can’t answer any questions but can set up a call back for the next day and when I check the koodo website for contact information there is only the customer service phone number.  Koodo has all of my contact info, but they offer little to no contact info for the customer? Why does this not make any sense?

2 replies

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What's the issue that you're looking to get help with? Usually we can help or flag it with a rep who can assist you.

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The $10 fee is waived when you’re not able to resolve a problem or complete a task by logging into your self-serve account. Some examples where the fee is waived: unlocking a phone, a billing error, or a problem with the self-serve account itself. 

While we do not have access to account information, you can mention account-related/billing problems here. As Allan said, we may be able help or we can get an official Koodo rep look into the problem.

If asked to post screenshots of e-bills, please do not include any information that identifies you, (e.g. phone number, address info), as this is a public forum.

The link below points to the table of Service Fees.

Service Fees