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Kudos to Koodo, Caribbean coverage that worked.

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I had to change carriers a couple of months ago because they left me high and dry thousands of miles from home. Now I just came back from the same exact location (which means the same carriers, cell towers, etc.) and using the same phone (now unlocked and ported to Koodo) and I must say it simply worked the whole time I was there and I was pleasantly surprised to get a friendly text message from Koodo as soon as I turned on my phone, "Welcome to the Caribbean" and advising me of the roaming rates. While I do understand that $2.50/min is pretty steep it's competitive with other Canadian carriers under similar circumstances and I only need to be able to receive a quick emergency call, having the caller call me back on a nearby land line if the call needs to last more than a minute or two. So I am very pleased with Koodo.

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Thank you for your feedback, Steve, and glad to read you were able to enjoy your trip thanks to us!
Hi Steve, I am going to the Dominican Republic next week. Does the 2.50/ min cover both airtime and long distance for calls received from Canada and calls to Canada? Thanks, Barry
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Yeah, I would think so. The text message I got when I arrived and turned on my phone was exactly this: [b]Welcome to the CARIBBEAN! For help, dial *611 or 14162798811. Voice = $2.5/MIN Data= $10/MB SMS= $0.60/MSG or as per your plan. Free Koodo msg. Now, having said that it sure isn't a cheap way to call home and if you have an unlocked phone you can get a prepaid SIM from CodaTel, Orange, Viva or a few others with much better rates. A lot of them will sell you a "tourist" phone also (for about $50) which includes everything plus a prepaid plan for a number of minutes and is a good option if your phone is locked. My main concern was to be reachable in an emergency and I would just tell the caller to call me back at the hotel and give them my room number so it was their dime. For everyday, routine calls back to Canada I just use Skype-Out on a computer which is something ridiculously small in cost like 1.5 cents/minute and with a USB headset the audio quality exceeds any "phone".