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Kudos to Koodo

I've been hearing a lot lately from my friends who are now starting university or are under control of their own phone contracts now, and are thoroughly unsatisfied with the service they received from their companies. One friend in particular at Queen's University was charged $600 for data usage, despite the fact he had bought a data plan that included the amount he used. The company was giving him a hard time about about revoking the charge. There were also numerous other horror stories about the big phone companies in the comments below, outrages fees and what not. Meanwhile I'm just thinking hey guys, I'm paying $30 a month for 200MB of data, call display, 150 minutes, no long distance charges, voicemail, and unlimited texting! What are you guys doing with those big phone companies? I haven't had any issues with Koodo at all in over 3 years. Thank you guys for having reasonable rates and service!

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I agree. Koodo is the best company out there for mobile phones. We've been with them for 6+ years. 🙂 Happy to say it!