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Kudos to great tech support!

I called in a couple of days ago to try and get some troubleshooting done on my son's phone. We swapped the phone and I programmed it but for some reason there were provisioning errors happening. The tech agent I had was amazing. He knew what the problem was right off the bat. My phone I was calling from kept cutting out and he was patient and waited for the reception to return. Although he didn't resolve the issue, he did an incredible job and the phone was fixed in a matter of hours. KUDOS to Lousnis.

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Hey Reena! We thank you and appreciate your comment 🙂 I hope everything is working fine.
Thanks Vincent. Things are working perfectly as usual.
Do u guys have the koodos custume accounts
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Chantelle Smyth wrote:

Do u guys have the koodos custume accounts

What do you mean by "custom" accounts?